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Laser Tracker OMNITRAC

Wireless. Controllerless. Effortless.

Laser tracker technology at its essentials.
OT2 Core is a high performance laser tracker that delivers essential laser tracker measurement capability at an affordable price.

Its compact size and wireless operation allows the users to apply high accuracy measurement with the convenience of portability and great ease of use.

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Laser Tracker OT2 CORE

Laser Tracker API Radian
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Laser Tracker RADIAN

API Omnitrac2
Data Sheet
Laser Tracker OMNITRAC 2



The API Laser Tracker offers higher levels of performance, portability, ease of use of the instrument as it has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the user.

The technical solutions adopted in the design of the API Laser Tracker translate into greater accuracy and reliability.



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This video shows the unique characteristics of the wireless API Laser Tracker Omnitrac2.
The laser beam is automatically hung up following several interruptions due to the many obstacles between the laser head and the retroreflector.



Laser Tracker RADIAN

RADIAN ™ is the smaller, more accurate, more versatile, high-performance laser tracker available in the market.

Produced by API (Automated Precision Inc.), API RADIAN ™ implements Innovo ™ technology that allows the instrument to reach superior performance compared to other devices in the market.

The increased efficiency of the tool include:

- Versatility of mounting: side, upside down, and in any other position required to perform the measurements;

- Automatic hang-up of the laser beam after an interruption, allowed by a built-in camera in the head;

- Availability of a new and powerful software



Laser Tracker OMNITRAC 2™ - Wireless

OMNITRAC 2™ represents a milestone because it is completely free from power supply and data transmission cables.
It uses ADM technology (Absolute Distance Measurement) and contains all the components of the system:
controller, weather station, level sensors and battery.

OMNITRAC 2™ is the ideal measuring instrument for a variety of industry applications, both indoors and outdoors, where it is required the complete autonomy of the instrument.

Omnitrac 2 ™ can acquire points with a frequency 10 times faster than other wireless systems in harsh conditions thanks to its design.
The batteries included allows a range of up to 6 hours continuous work, and in any case there is an optional external power supply.

Already after a few minutes from switch Omnitrac 2 ™ reaches about 90% of its accuracy for measurements up to 100m in a temperature range between -20 ° C and + 40 ° C, with only 10kg of weight.


Applicazioni tipiche

The API Laser Tracker is state of the art in optoelectronic technology when high accuracy on large-scale range measurement is required.

In aerospace, shipbuilding and heavy industry the API Laser Tracker finds its natural use as a versatile measuring instrument (as it is portable and can easily be positioned on the field) but also extremely accurate and reliable.

It is also used in the fine positioning, in the detection / correction of errors of machine tools and robots, in the alignment of gears, rollers, transfer lines, in reverse engineering of sculptured surfaces.






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