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Microservice Technical Service Team , composed entirely of high skilled engineers with experience and expertise in the field, is able to keep your coordinate measuring machine in the best operating condition, subjecting the instrument to the most rigorous periodic maintenance plans designed to preserve the functional integrity and the accuracy of measurement.

The strength of our technical service is the timeliness of intervention for the resolution of any accidental failures and downtime.

The calibration of the CMM is conducted using an operating procedure which originates from the standards according to ISO10360-2.


CMM Calibration

The test carried out in accordance with ISO 10360-2 is intended to verify that the performance of a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) comply with the specification given by the manufacturer (in the case of initial verification) or established by the same user (in the case reverification).

The international standard UNI EN ISO 10360-2 provides for a series of tests to be carried out in accordance with a predetermined procedure.
In particular, the evidence provided regarding the verification of the performance measurement of lengths (E-TEST) and verification of system performance probe (P-TEST).

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ACCREDIA Certificate for CMM

The ACCREDIA Certificate is issued as a result of the verification of the performance of coordinate measuring machine and is an officially valid in Italy and with mutual recognition in European countries acceding to the EA (European cooperation for Accreditation).

The ACCREDIA Certificate certifies that the instrument has been calibrated according to the procedures which are recognized by institutions of primary jurisdiction.


ACCREDIA is the Italian accreditation body recognized by the State on December 22th, 2009, born from the merger of Sinal and SINCERT as a non-profit association, and has assumed all the prerogatives of his predecessor SIT.
As of July 1, 2011 the mark of SIT has been exceeded and everywhere replaced by brand ACCREDIA.

CMM Accessories

A wide range of accessories for CMM is available to meet the various needs in the use of 3D measuring machines: Microservice is ITP supplier of styles, extensions, plates, adapters, calibration spheres, special probes.

Mod.En is Microserice partner for everything related to the location of the CMM environment (air-conditioned cells) and fixturing systems.

CMM Displacement

Microservice can assist you in moving in complete security of your CMM to change the lay-out inside the plant or to transfer to another location.



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