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Zephir II - high accuracy blue laser scanner

Kreon Technologies was the first to develop blue laser technology.
Its main benefit being the ability to scan reflective surface without damaging them or using any surface preparation materials.




High speed and accuracy in Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is often considered as a very expensive process in terms of time but the solution Kreon greatly improves the possibilities.

Kreon solution really points to the needs of Reverse engineers.
It proposes an innovative device for laser scanning and an integrated software, Geomagic Studio , perfectly adapted for rapid prototyping applications.

Geomagic Studio is the absolute most powerful software package for the Reverse Engineering with which you can automatically generate a digital model from a physical model.
Calibration and surface scanning are integrated functionalities in Geomagic Studio.
Therefore is not necessary any other accessory software that involves a continuous exchange of data.

This total compatibility involves the real-time visualization of data acquired through both the laser head through the built-in probe.


New Skyline Laser Scanner

Skyline is the only Kreon 3D scanner completely integrated to Ace 7 axes measuring arm.

The 200mm laser line width and the speed of the Skyline 3D scanner (600.000 points/sec.) enable to digitize any part in record time. Its high resolution (15μm) detects the smallest details of the most complex parts. Being perfectly integrated with Ace measuring arm, the Skyline 3D scanner is ergonomic, perfect for scanning without efforts.

Skyline Laser Scanner



  Technical service

- Contact CMM
- Optical VMM
- Desktop instruments
- Articulated arms
- CMM Retrofit
- Maintainance contrats

Software & Application

- Measuring service in laboratory
- On-site measuring service with portable


- CAPPS Dmis


- CMM Micro3D
- Laser tracker API
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- 3D Laser Scanner KREON
- 3D Scanner
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