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ETBridge ver. 1.1.6


Give a new life to your CMM!

Microservice installs the new Eagle™ Controller of Pantec Metrology for the retrofitting of CMM, as regards the electronic servo-control, data acquisition and interfacing to the measurement software.

Available in two different versions of BASIC and PRO Eagle™ Controller with its 5000 installations is a high-quality solution at a competitive cost.



Reduced to the max. Pantec’s EAGLE™ basic fulfills the requirements of medium profile CMMs, focusing on touch trigger probe applications at the highest performance level. Equipped with three servo drivers, interfaces to all established CMM softwares, and integrated power adaptor, all in a space-saving 3U 19“ housing, EAGLE™ basic is the choice for standard applications.

  • Outstanding R&R (repeatability & reproducibility) and high speed
  • Fit & forget
  • Easy to tune
  • Versatility
  • Direct interfaces (ethernet to host SW)

Eagle Basic rear panel


EAGLE™ pro/3 The EAGLE™ pro series are high-end controller systems with very high flexibility and unlimited measuring volume. By adding optional boards, the application areas can be easily extended, e.g. for scanning applications

EAGLE™ pro/4 Equipped with a fourth axis for all machine types, like gantry or CMMs with rotary tables, EAGLE™ pro/4 is the ideal solution for complex metrology applications.

EAGLE™ pro/4 HP The additional fourth axis plus 1000 W total power makes EAGLE™ pro /4 HP the ideal controller for powerdemanding measuring machines.

Eagle Pro rear panel



The control unit manual Eagle ™ Pad ergonomic and functional allows programming of twelve functions.

The wireless version Eagle ™ Pad-wl provides greater freedom of movement on large machines with a signal range of up to 50-75m.

Eagle Pad Eagle Pad-wl  


The driver interface ETBridge, developed by Microservice, allows the use of metrology software Tutor for Windows with CNC Eagle produced by Pantec Metrology.
With this driver the user may retrofit its CMM with a new, high-performance electronic controller preserving full functionality and compatibility of existing Tutor part-programs.

Microservice manages licenses and application support to customers: For more information and details, please write to: direzione@micro3d.it

driver ETBridge interface
hw Pantec /sw Tutor




  Technical service

- Contact CMM
- Optical VMM
- Desktop instruments
- Articulated arms
- CMM Retrofit
- Maintainance contrats

Software & Application

- Measuring service in laboratory
- On-site measuring service with portable


- CAPPS Dmis


- CMM Micro3D
- Laser tracker API
- Articulated arms KREON
- 3D Laser Scanner KREON
- 3D Scanner
- Used CMM