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The CMM Concept

The new line of Coordinate Measuring Machines distributed by Microservice claims many technical and constructive solutions that give high structural stability and outstanding performance with the use of all sensors available on the market.




Compared to equivalent machines, the Micro3D have great strenght and reliability thanks to excellent quality components.

The structure made completely in granite and thermocompensation system allow to obtain an exceptional measuring accuracy.






  Technical service

- Contact CMM
- Optical VMM
- Desktop instruments
- Articulated arms
- CMM Retrofit
- Maintainance contrats

Software & Application

- Measuring service in laboratory
- On-site measuring service with portable


- CAPPS Dmis


- CMM Micro3D
- Laser tracker API
- Articulated arms KREON
- 3D Laser Scanner KREON
- 3D Scanner
- Used CMM