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CMM Micro3D


Microservice: “Three-dimensional Metrology Services”

This first sentence suggests a precise indication about the mission of our company.
We started up in the year 2000 and have developed our services extending expertise  to all activities metrology related: 

  • European Exclusive distributor of Coordinate Measuring Machine Micro3d
  • Geometrical Calibration and ACCREDIA
    CERTIFICATION on Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM).
  • Maintainance contracts and calibration on Visual Measuring Machines (VMM).
  • Training Courses on metrology softwares..
  • Part programming and execution of measuring routines at our laboratory.
  • Measuring analysis with Computer Tomography.
  • Customized Software solutions for 3D measuring machines.
  • Measuring service at the Customer site with portable instruments (articulated arms, laser tracker).
  • 3D machines with/wihout contact for Sale , Rent and Purchase
  • Kreon and FARO artulated arms.
  • ITP and Renishaw reseller
  • Mod.En Agent for part fixtures and CMM Cells
  • Software distributor for Capps Dmis -Power Inspect - Geomagic - Metrolog - Verisurf.
  • Reseller for Italy for laser sytems API
  • Reseller for Italy for laser scanning systems Kreon
  • Reseller of anti-vibration systems BILZ
  • Maintainance contract and calibration on desktop measuring devices.
  • Reseller of Brunson products.

Flexibility and attention to the changes of a market in continous evolution have surely been  important factors for our growth but we think the basic one is the widespread customer satisfaction.

Today Microservice can offer to his customer an alternative assistance to the post-sale department of constructors and sure it can do that in a more flexible andefficient way.

Microservice è
socio del CMM Club

The Association CMM Italian Club was born December 3, 1997 under the patronage and the scientific guidance of the Institute of Metrology "Gustavo Colonnetti" of the National Research Council (CNR-IMGC).

The Association, a non-profit, is made up of users, service providers, academics metrology, metrology labs, universities and manufacturers of Coordinate Measuring Machines

  Microservice cooperates with:
Konica Minolta
Pantec Metrology
Volume Graphics



  Technical service

- Contact CMM
- Optical VMM
- Desktop instruments
- Articulated arms
- CMM Retrofit
- Maintainance contrats

Software & Application

- Measuring service in laboratory
- On-site measuring service with portable


- CAPPS Dmis


- CMM Micro3D
- Laser tracker API
- Articulated arms KREON
- 3D Laser Scanner KREON
- 3D Scanner
- Used CMM