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Optional CAPPS Advanced modules

The following optional modules are available:

Pipes & Tube
Design pipes, tubes, and bent rod from scratch, with no need to import CAD data! Simply create by entering your Y/B/C or X/Y/Z parameters that are compliant with manufacturing standards.

SPC Analysis
AAT offers statistical process control (SPC) for engineers to understand and monitor process variation through control charts. CAPPS processes these charts by plotting a product's quality variable over a period of time on a sequence plot.

Blade & Airfoil

  • Calculate measurement points and vectors from CAD models
  • Measure curves and surfaces from CAD or reverse engineering
  • Single point scanning or continuous scan with SP25 or REVO 5 Axis head
  • Automatically calculate blade parameters
  • Leading and Trailing radius and points
  • Center lines
  • Thickness

Dual Arm
Dual arm machines are used to inspect large work pieces. Their modular design allows two CMM machines to be operated under one common WCS. CAPPS can configure dual arms as master and slave and store data in a shared location.

Temperature Compensation
CAPPS supports thermal compensation by using a Pico temperature sensor (but is capable of supporting a variety of other sensors). Readings from scales and inspection parts are adjusted based on the temperature sensor.

Users can control and see the affect of the compensation from the temperature page. As well as the many configuration settings available with this module. Temperature compensation can be used in either Online or Offline modes. Online mode using an actual sensor to get data and Offline mode using user settings to mimic behavoir of temperature changes (manual entry).

Analog Scanning
Analog Scanning uses continuous scanning of features for point cloud data. This process can be used for reverse engineering or surface data.


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CAPPS is one of the first CAD based online CMM software.
AAT developed CAPPS to be an upwardly mobile metrology software with a strong graphics engine, complete CAD capability, a powerful programming language with DMIS and tree view structure as well as a flexible reporting environment. With over 20 years of evolution, CAPPS has been the leader in CAD based measurement software. AAT offers several products derived from the CAPPS system serving specific needs of customers.

CAPPS is available in 3 separate versions. Each designed to meet the particular needs of its users:

1. CAPPS Advanced

CappsDMIS Advanced is a CAD based metrology software with an easy to navigate interface. 
This level of CappsDMIS allows complete control over mathematical model, easy and precise alignment methods, automatic feature measurements and geometry recognition. Parts can be measured with or without CAD models automatically creating DMIS programs. Our Advanced software is capable of being upgraded to function with Laser Scanners, Analog Scanning probes, outputing SPC data, and much more.

Features of our Advanced level software include:

  • CAD master model at the CMM
  • Automatic collision avoidance
  • Auto Probe Calibration
  • Advanced CAD operations for surface and curve manipulation
    and interaction
  • Automatic probe path generation routines for all geometric and sheet-metal features
  • Automatic feature extraction from a CAD model
  • Advanced Fixtureless alignment methods with CAD
  • Programmable graphical reporting for template boxes, graphical deviations, and confetti reports
  • Relative measurement methods for sheet-metal , die and molds

2. CAPPS Basic Plus

Capps Basic Plus is a complete measurement software with CAD capability for geometrical features. Parts can be measured with or without CAD models automatically creating DMIS programs. Basic plus is a great middle ground inspection software that has nearly all of the advanced-type functionality without all of the extra CAD functionality.

  • Native DMIS programming
  • Automatic Probe Calibrations
  • MGP CAD alignment macros
  • Import and display CAD models & Interact with wireframe elements
  • Extraction of nominals from wireframe or create from blue prints
  • Adaptive curve scanning
  • Reverse engineering to CAD
  • Easy upgrade to CAPPS-DMIS Advanced


3. CAPPS Powerfully Simple

Capps PS (Powerfully Simple) is the most affordable measurement software with complete geometrical measuring capabilities.
It has a simple intuitive user interface to measure any part within a 3D graphics user interface.

  • Complete measurement and GD&T
  • Complete construction Methods
  • Easy alignment and calibration
  • Easy to learn 3D graphics menus and toolbars
  • Measurements displayed in 3D
  • Easy CAD like 3D graphics with user interaction
  • Flexible reporting options with spread sheet like editing
  • Scalable digital readout
  • DMIS input/output options
  • Easy upgrade to Basic Plus or Advanced levels



  Technical service

- Contact CMM
- Optical VMM
- Desktop instruments
- Articulated arms
- CMM Retrofit
- Maintainance contrats

Software & Application

- Measuring service in laboratory
- On-site measuring service with portable


- CAPPS Dmis


- CMM Micro3D
- Laser tracker API
- Articulated arms KREON
- 3D Laser Scanner KREON
- 3D Scanner
- Used CMM